Friday, May 4, 2018, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Presenters:  Victoria Smith and Laurie Stein

Presented by Collaborative Practice Manitoba

This workshop is designed to further collaborative professionals awareness of how our professional mindset or actions might contribute to impasses on a collaborative file.  Victoria Smith and Laurie Stein will lead us through some of the core challenges of our work, including letting go of judgment, getting comfortable with ambiguity, and how to be in our client’s corner, while at the same time holding the other’s  perspective.  They will reference Adam Kahane’s work on stretch collaboration which is an approach that embraces discord, experimentation and genuine co-creation.

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Collaborative Practice Trainings 2018

April 5, 6, 19, 20,

May 10, 11

Cost: $1,350.00

Location: TBA
Winnipeg, MB

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The training is open to lawyers, mental health professionals and financial specialists who wish to practice collaborative law.

The trainings are mandatory for membership in Collaborative Practice Manitoba. We are pleased to offer a one year complimentary membership upon completion of the full six days of training required to become a Collaborative Practice Manitoba member.

If you would like more information, please contact Collaborative Practice Manitoba at info@collaborativepractice

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 The fourth annual Summer Sessions for Collaborative Professionals is happening in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada

 August 9-10 and 15-16, 2018

 Fulfill your professional development needs and vacation on our beautiful Island! Check out PEI in Summer.

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August 9-10, 2018

This 2-day advanced workshop will introduce conflict professionals to the “insight approach” to conflict and mediation.  The insight approach addresses conflict through a “learning lens” that engages conflicting parties in an interactive learning process where conflict is viewed as an interpretation of threats to deep level values.  These threats cause people to respond with “defend” patterns of interaction that generate, escalate and sustain conflict.  Helping conflicting parties understand more about what each other values and how it contributes to their actions assists them to gain “insight” and seek new ways of interacting that are less threatening and more productive. When the conflict is managed effectively, parties can make better decisions and reach lasting agreement.

Trainers:  Dr. Cheryl Picard and Jacinta Gallant

COST: $700 CDN (Canadian residents add 15% HST)


 August 15 – Communication FLOW, with Harmony Wagner and Jacinta Gallant

If you have ever wanted to feel more integration in your professional and personal life, this workshop is for you. We will focus on communication and conflict to help you be more authentic and natural at work, and in your life generally. This workshop introduces a new approach to establishing and maintaining the connections required to harmonize stress and collaborate.  You will find it immediately applicable to your work, and your life.

In this experiential and interactive workshop,  we will dissect the anatomy of conflict and garner practical tools to improve listening skills, defuse defensiveness and facilitate dialogue. We will work with movement to apply basic Tai Chi principles to the communication process, and learn how to keep the conversation moving forward between opposing forces. Working from the tenet that continued flow is the basis of fruitful negotiation and the resolution of disputes, we will offer tools and techniques to help you respond, rather than react, in conflict situations.

COST: $350.00 (Canadian residents add 15% HST)

August 16 – Shifting from Judgment to Curiosity, with Jacinta Gallant

 Building on the idea that we are more effective in our work when we can be authentic and natural, this workshop will challenge your judgments and assumptions – and help you become more curious!

As Conflict Professionals, our job is to help clients move through their difficulties and open themselves up to the many possibilities for the future. But this is not easy.

We need to be aware that we, just like our clients, are influenced by our own judgments and assumptions. In this 1 day workshop, we will explore our own judgments and assumptions and learn how to be “productively” curious. With a combination of experiential learning, and self-exploration, you will learn how to be effective in asking questions, more natural in your responses, and more authentic in your practice. We also think that playing with curiosity will help you enjoy your life more!

COST: $350.00 (Canadian residents add 15% HST)