Anastasia Glacken, M.Ed, CCC

    Unit 10-600 Clifton Street
    Winnipeg, MB R3G 2X6

    Ph: 204-284-4884


    Anastasia is a relationship/divorce coach and parenting coach.  Anastasia works with one of the spouses (in a two-coach model) or both spouses (as the sole coach/mediator) helping to navigate through the process of separation and divorce.  She aims to help partners reduce and/or avoid conflict helping them to reach agreements by problem solving together.  She supports and guides spouses on parenting plans. She helps spouses work through communication issues as they readjust to this new co-parenting relationship.  As a parent coach, she works with each spouse to develop parenting strategies and techniques that promote the emotional and psychological health and well-being of their children and to buffer against the potential negative impacts of the separation and divorce processes.

    Anastasia is a member of Family Mediation Manitoba, Collaborative Practice Manitoba and the International Association of Collaborative Professionals. She is registered with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association.

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