Marta Smith

    Duboff Edwards Haight & Schachter Law Corporation
    1900 – 155 Carlton Street
    Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 3H8

    Phone 204.989.5602 (direct)
    Fax 204.942.3362

    Marta is a senior associate with Duboff Edwards Haight & Schachter where she has practiced since 2012. In prior years, she was a partner in both a large firm and a small“alternative” style firm in the Osborne Village area.

    As a senior family law practitioner in practice since 1978, she also holds a BSc in Statistics. Marta’s extensive experience as a practitioner and training in collaborative law and mediation, have yielded valuable perspective and skills relating to creative problem-solving and alternative ways to ensure that the needs of the clients are met and a realistic perspective provided at an early stage. Communication is often the “missing” link with cooperation and the recognition of emotional needs being major requirements to the finding of solutions.

    Marta has taught at the Law School of Manitoba, Law Society Bar Admission and Continuing Education Courses, and continues to pursue professional and personal development, and various health and fitness interests.


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