Alyssa Bird

    Evans Pollock Family Law Corporation
    190 Sherbrook Street
    Phone: 204-306-9139

    Alyssa has experienced many types of family dynamics in her life, to the intricacies of blended families to separation generally in families and between partners. This gives her an understanding of how complicated families and family issues can get, as well as a firm belief that many family issues can be resolved when there is dedication to come to resolutions in a good way.

    Alyssa was called to the bar in 2020 and her practice has been exclusively in family law. She recognizes the importance of finding creative solutions when helping families, while navigating through the difficulties of separation. With her life experience and exclusive focus on family law, Alyssa has a perspective and skillset that she uses to help clients navigate a tough point in their lives efficiently and with empathy.

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