Nicole Robidoux, BA, C.Med. Mediation, Coaching, Training

    Nicole Robidoux, BA, C.Med. Mediation, Coaching, Training

    204-515-5459 *consultation booking and intake available on website

    In working with families through Collaborative Practice, we focus on parenting strengths and the needs of the child(ren). I help (1) navigate the emotional challenges of conflict and uncertainty; (2) bring attention to the needs and issues for more clarity and informed decision making; and (3) challenge negative patterns and approaches by building capacity in both conflict resolution skills and communication skills. Through this work we focus on collaboration, making space for intentional and thoughtful parenting plans with the goal of a positive co-parenting future.

    Experience & Approach:

    Nicole has a background in conflict resolution, restorative justice, and mediation. She has been practicing conflict coaching and mediation for nearly 15 years and holds a Chartered Mediator designation. She supports parents in communication, decision making and preparing parenting plans. With her background, her emphasis is on building capacity for conflict resolution and respectful communication throughout the process.

    Her passion for family work is fueled by lived experience and past work with children and youth. Nicole has lived experience of being a child of divorce and having a parent who struggled with mental illness. She was also adopted at birth and met her biological parents in adulthood. Her conflict resolution and communication skills served her personal life in navigating differences and complicated dynamics, balancing boundaries and managing expectations to benefit more healthy familial relationships. This, along with other experiences – teaching piano, teaching children human rights education through play, and coordinating programming for at-risk youth – help inform her work with families.

    Professional Memberships:

    · Collaborative Practice Manitoba (CPM)

    · Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Manitoba (ADRIM)

    · Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Canada (ADRIC)

    · Resolve Manitoba (Research and Education for Solutions to Violence and Abuse)

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