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CJOB Talk to the Experts Part 1, featuring CPM Members Greg Evans and Robynne Kazina

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CJOB Talk to the Experts Part 2, featuring CPM Members Daniel Minuk and Shannon Breckman

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CJOB Talk to the Experts Part 3, featuring CPM Members Pam Leech and Cynthia Downs

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Tesler, P.H. & Thompson, P. (2006). Collaborative Divorce: The revolutionary new way to restructure your family, resolve legal issues, and move on with your life. Harper Collins, NY. In Collaborative Divorce, Pauline Tesler and Peggy Thompson present the first complete, step-by-step explanation of the groundbreaking collaborative divorce method that is revolutionizing the way couples end their marriages. Tesler and Thompson, two pioneers who train collaborative professionals around the world, walk you through the stages of collaborative divorce. With real life examples and practical exercises, they provide useful insight into how divorce can be handled constructively and entirely outside of the court system.

The Happy Divorce: How to break up and Make Up by Nora Underwood
Originally published in Maclean’s magazine, Vol. 115, No. 3, January 21, 2002.

Happier Endings Through Divorce
Published in D Magazine, 2010

Family Matters with Justice Harvey Brownstone
Episode 216 – Collaborative Law

Website Links - Parents

International Academy of Collaborative Professionals

Manitoba Justice – Family Law website

Manitoba Justice Family Law Public Information Booklet 2014

Department of Justice Canada – Supporting Families website

Department of Justice Canada Divorce Law Questions & Answers – PDF

Inventory of Government-based Family Justice Services – Manitoba website

For the Sake of the Children website

For the Sake of the Children information brochure – PDF

Under new court rules this program, provided by Manitoba Family Services and Housing, is now mandatory for people who are requesting or responding to requests for custody, access or private guardianship. Parents attend separate sessions. This free of charge program is also open to grandparents, other family members and interested people.

Because Life Goes On… Helping Children and Youth Live with Separation and Divorce: A Guide for Parents – PDF

This Health Canada publication is intended to reach out to Canadian families in need of information and resources to help their children to live through the process of separation and divorce. The booklet is also designed to assist professionals in such fields as social services, health, justice and education, in their work with children and their parents.

Legal Aid Manitoba website
If you cannot afford to hire a lawyer, Legal Aid Manitoba may be able to help. All or part of your legal costs may be paid, depending on your financial position, the type of case and the merits of the case.

Website Links - Children

Kid’s Guide to Separation and Divorce website

This website developed by British Columbia Ministry of Attorney General is designed to help children understand topics related to Separation and Divorce.

What happens Next? Information for kids about separation and divorce. website