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Relationship Coaches




Financial Specialists


  • Area of expertise is Family Law
  • Trained in Collaborative Practice, conflict resolution and mediation
  • Adopt a non-adversarial approach to address division of assets, setting of spousal support, child maintenance and custody and access issues
  • Guide you through the legal process and prepare the necessary documents

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Relationship Coaches:

  • Licensed and/or registered psychologists and social workers whose primary area of practice is in family relationships
  • Manage conflict between spouses and optimize communication so that couples can successfully move through the divorce process and develop an effective co-parenting relationship for the future
  • Each spouse will have their own coach and coaches work in collaboration with the team

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Child Specialists:

  • Licensed and/or registered psychologists and social workers with training in child-development issues as well as having expertise related to the concerns of children of divorce
  • Provides a safe environment for the child(ren) to express their feelings and works to ensure that the needs of the children are considered in the legal process

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Financial Specialists:

  • Certified Financial Planners with training in Collaborative Practice and conflict resolution
  • Specialized training in financial issues related to separation and divorce
  • Works for both divorcing parties to clarify the current financial status and help the parties to choose the best financial outcome based on the particulars of each case

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The end of a relationship signifies the start of a new beginning…

Approach this new phase of your life by engaging in a positive separation or divorce process.

We understand that this is an emotional and complicated time for you. It’s never easy when a relationship ends, but we can help you transition and move into this next phase of your life in a holistic and positive manner.

Collaborative Practice is a three-pronged approach involving mental health professionals, financial specialists and lawyers.

We help you cut through the emotional barrier, break down the communication roadblocks, and help you allocate financial and property assets in a fair way. All while avoiding the entire court or litigation process.

But how do you know it’s right for you?

  • If you are both seeking an alternative to the court process.
  • If you both genuinely want a solution that best meets your family’s needs.
  • If you are both willing and able to work together in a respectful and cooperative manner throughout the process.
  • If you both want to enter a divorce process that will enable you to focus on the best interests of your children and build a cooperative co-parenting relationship for the future.

Through this process, you’re also engaging in a set of principles to fully resolve your divorce in a collaborative way.

  • All parties pledge not to go to court. Clients, lawyers, relationship coaches and financial specialists sign and are bound by the Collaborative Practice Participation Agreement.
  • There will be honest and respectful exchanges of information to further negotiations towards settlement.
  • Both spouses must be fully transparent and disclose of all relevant information, including financial information.
  • All negotiated solutions are dictated by both spouses’ highest priorities and needs of  children.
  • If a settlement agreement is not achieved, all Collaborative professionals must withdraw and the clients start over outside of the Collaborative Practice.