Heather Wadsworth

    Mitousis Lemieux Howard Law Corporation
    252 River Avenue
    Winnipeg, MB  R3L 0B4
    Phone: 204-947-9123
    Fax: 204-943-2768
    Email: hw@mlhlaw.ca

    Heather is a family law lawyer with Mitousis Lemieux Law Corporation. She was called to the Bar in 2016. Heather was drawn to the practice of family law because she has a passion for helping others and solving problems. She emphasizes cooperative resolutions and negotiated settlements whenever possible in her practice. Heather strongly believes in the collaborative process as it empowers parties to resolve the issues between them with respect, dignity, and understanding. Heather is a volunteer with the Legal Help Centre and is actively involved with the Manitoba Bar Association as a member of their Mid-Winter Conference planning committee and as a past cast member in their joint annual production with the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre.

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