Jonathan Katz

    Taylor McCaffrey LLP
    2200 – 201 Portage Avenue
    Winnipeg MB R3B 3L3
    Phone: 204-988-0428
    Fax: 204-957-0945

    Jonathan practices in family law with an emphasis on divorce and separation, pre-nuptial and cohabitation agreements, parenting agreements and division of assets.

    Jonathan believes that resolving family disputes cooperatively and collaboratively helps deescalate conflict and minimize the emotional toll that divorce has on all those involved.

    Jonathan uses his collaborative law and mediation training to craft unique solutions for his client’s needs. Although trained in collaborative law and mediation, Jonathan does not shy away from litigation when required.

    Jonathan also maintains a legal practice in the territory of Nunavut, advising Inuit organizations and other entities on issues such as treaty rights, land use planning, and mineral claims.


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