Loren Braul

    Gilmour Braul Hiebert Law Office

    504 Stanley Ave, Winkler MB, R6W 0M3



    Loren Braul was called to the bar in 2013 and has been actively practicing family law since 2015. Loren is the only member of Collaborative Manitoba with a practice located in southern Manitoba, with offices in Altona, Winkler, and Morden. Loren’s undergraduate studies in Peace and Conflict Transformation at Canadian Mennonite University, which included training in mediation and conflict management, have also directly informed his approach to family law. Loren is a firm believer that there is more common-ground in our society than we might see at first glance, and that this also holds true for families in conflict. Using tools like interest-based negotiation and active listening, Loren’s preferred approach is to codify agreement where present and explore compromise where possible to minimize the stress and anxiety inherent in a significant transition like divorce or separation.


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