Tamara McCaffrey

    Barrister and Solicitor
    Family Law
    668 Corydon Avenue
    Winnipeg, MB  R3M 0X7
    Phone: 204-949-8808
    Fax: 204-949-7763
    Email: mccaffreylaw@mymts.net

    Tamara has been a lawyer since 1997, focusing on civil litigation, criminal defence and public utilities law before specializing in family law in 2014, where she practiced at Taylor McCaffrey LLP before starting her own family law practice at her current Corydon Avenue location.  Her goal is to assist her clients in resolving their family law matters in a respectful way, grounded in the principles of fairness and family law. Although working with clients to resolve their family law issues without a contested court process, Tamara’s litigation background has provided her with a broad legal perspective and practical problem-solving approach, taking the client’s unique situation into account. Tamara believes in working co-operatively to assist her clients in resolving their legal issues, and will collaborate with other family service professionals to assist clients in achieving resolution.

    Tamara is committed to “Making Separation/Divorce Healthier” for families, through collaboration, education, and promotion of positive alternatives to traditional adversarial approaches to family law, completing her Collaborative Practice and Conflict Resolution Training in May of 2017.

    Tamara is a founder and director of a non-profit company: “Healthy Separation/Divorce Manitoba”, which was created in May of 2017, to operate an online support, information and referral service for families going through  separation and divorce, with the goal of reducing conflict and putting children’s best interests first.  This project aims to create a network of family service professionals who are committed to making separation and divorce healthier for clients by working together in a non-adversarial way.

    In addition to her private practice, Tamara is legal counsel to A Women’s Place, operated by the NorWest Community Co-op, providing legal assistance to women who have experienced domestic violence.

    Prior to practicing law, Tamara has worked as a counselor in a shelter for women and children in Ottawa, has volunteered at Osborne House in Winnipeg;  has been a volunteer co-ordinator with Habitat for Humanity in Ottawa, and has also worked to support community and employment opportunities for people with intellectual and physical disabilities at D.A.S.C.H. Inc. in Winnipeg.

    Professional Memberships:  Law Society of Manitoba; Canadian Bar Association; and Collaborative Practice Manitoba.

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